Wooden Sheds

We offer wooden sheds of outstanding quality and design, at a value for money price. As well as a great storage solution, a well built shed can enhance the value of your property.

Large timber posts are concreted into the ground and a base is laid. This makes the structure almost indestructible. The roof is made of trusses and finished with a metal box profile cladding. Usually in a light green colour and with four transparent panels to let some natural light in.

The walls are clad with vertical timber - called 'Danish lapping finish'. The design structure means that the door opening can be at the end or the side of the building. It can be a door or a roller shutter and even have more than one opening. The strength of the frame means that extra structures can be added on to the exterior such as log sheds or car ports.

Extras such as additional doors, painted wood cladding, windows, solar panels, internal furniture or even additional exterior structures such as log sheds and car ports can be added.
For security we offer cloud based IP CCTV systems with smart phone app and motion detection

  • Our standard Shed size is 7m by 5m and can be up to 4m tall
  • Concrete base - thick timber - A complete build service
  • Metal box profile roof with transparent panels
  • Secure roller shutter

Extras include but not limited to:

  • Solar panels and electrical installations including electric car charging points
  • Carport, logshed, boiler room, bothy
  • Internal workshop, tool racks and bespoke storage furniture
  • Car lifts and garage equipment for enthusiasts and home mechanics.
  • Wood burning stove / heating
  • IP CCTV security systems

Wooden shed - complete project. Subject to survey: groundworks, concrete base, construction.
Price region £15,000

  • Groundworks - concrete base - thick timber. A complete build service
  • 7m by 5m strong wooden shed- up to 4m tall. Danish lapping timber
  • Metal box profile roof - 2 transparent roof sections for day light (optional)
  • Secure roller shutter door - choice of side

Wooden shed - build 16 days on site.

concrete wooden posts in ground works for concrete floor wooden roof trusses
cut above ground level security light
cut above ground level electric and USB
concrete floor wooden walls timber garage with electric lights installed

Contact us to arrange a site survey for your shed.

Built to last

The Shed Company complete projects to the highest standards and our
Sheds are built to last. We only use high quality materials and we
would expect them to last for many years.

The Sheds are guaranteed against structural and design defects.
(This does not cover acts of vandalism, misuse or exceptional natural events)

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