Log shed housing wood for your fire all year round!

Hand crafted wood stores ...made bespoke - tailored to suit your specific requirements. Log sheds are the perfect way to dry out logs and keep them protected from the outdoor elements. High quality heavy and sturdy log shed made from substainable wood. Built to last with a thick wooden roof. The construction of the log Sheds consists of a solid frame reinforced by cladding, the heavy duty timber used in our design helps prevent any twisting or warping caused changing challenging weather.

Log stores are made to order, demonstration models may be available at cheaper reduced prices, please enquire.

Quality build with extra detail for long life

  • Log sheds can bebuilt to bespoke dimensions
  • Galvanised feet for long life
  • Airflow to allow the logs to dry out

Designed and manufactured by The Shed Company in our workshop.

  • Heavy duty post
  • Frame bolted, weatherproof screws and nails - very rigid
  • Overhang to allow water run off
  • Timber sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • Panels to allow for ventilation
  • kindling shelf
  • bespoke to suit any specific requirements

Animals Shelters

We understand how important pets are in the life of their owners and they want them to have an interesting and comfortable life. Rather than being indoors all day we can build shelters and runs to give your dog a home of their own. They can be designed to your own specifications and can be incorporated onto your shed. A traditional kennel style structure will have a floor built off the ground and will be wind and water tight. They can have a door if required and a 'run' can be made to suit the size of the dog. Most dogs like being outside and enjoy watching the world go by. You can leave your house, safe in the knowledge that your beloved dog is safe. We would construct the dog kennel from quality timber and ensure there were no nails or screws sticking out and smooth away any rough edges!

Horse stabeling and loose boxes can be designed to your own unique configeration, our field shelters are moveable - easily towed to keep your animals on dry gorund.

Potting Shed

We can design and build a Potting Shed as either a stand alone structure or as an add on to your shed. Our sheds our made with strong frames which means extensions can be added without altering the integrity of the building. The weight of any extra building can be borne by the frame. Potting sheds, as the name suggest, are used as a place to pot your plants or seedlings. Greenhouses accelerate growth during the summer and provide shelter during the winter. However they can get really cold in the winter and they aren't practical for anything other than growing things.
That's why potting sheds are increasingly popular as they are really versatile and are the hub of any busy garden. Built like a shed, a Potting shed will normally have a large expanse of glass, sometimes angled, so that you can store and grow plants and seedlings. You can have a nice table at the window to place your plants, and on the other walls you can have storage racks and places to hang your tools. Most importantly you can a nice comfy chair to sit and admire the fruits of your labour. They can provide shade in the summer and shelter in the winter so can always feel part of your garden.
Our structures are perfect for Potting Sheds as the frame means we can be really versatile in the design!

Built to last!

The professionalism, attention to detail and genuine commitment to providing clients with
what they want has earned us a reputation we are extremely proud of.

Quality timber buildings