Double Garage

We aim to make Garages that look good, will last and need no further painting. We like the look of a classic timber double garage with an apex roof. Just to finish them off and to look different from a kit Garage we create an overhang at the front – it also acts as a small rain break! Made to the highest quality we make our garages on site and can even make the concrete base. We use 95mm x 45mm treated c16 for our frame, use thicker beams around the top and have engineered roof trusses made. We usually use 22mm thick larch boards for cladding the garage which results in a rustic look that will weather in time and will not any further treating or painting. The walls go up to 2.4m and 3.4m at the apex. We add on 75mm x 19mm strips to cover the gaps between the boards to create a wind and watertight double garage so your precious cars can be protected!

The front wall will incorporate two double doors, The door will be made of 19mm sarking boards with 95 mm x 45mm braces and finished with 50mm x 25mm battens Heavy duty galvanised ironmongery will be supplied.

The roof will be covered by Steel Box section with Ridge in green (Merlin Grey) Plastisol finish There will be barge flashing covering each end The end of the trusses will be covered by barge board and a gutter and down pipe will be fixed - The side elevations will each have a 60mm overhang.

Based on a 6m x 6m footprint the cost to build is approximately £10,000 - dependent on exact specifications.

A 6m x 6m x 10cm concrete base would be approximately £2,000 (dependent on access)

Optional extras that can be built onto your garage

  • Full length skylights in the roof
  • Windows
  • Added logstore
  • Workshops
  • Dog kennel
  • Custom your own extra features and we will build them for you.
  • Solar panels and electrical installations
  • Internal workshop, tool racks and bespoke storage furniture
  • Car lifts and garage equipment.
  • Electric car charging points
  • IP CCTV security systems
  • Landscaping

Garages for storing cars and work shops.

Some say Shed, some say Garage! All we know is we build structures for many uses. We call them sheds but really they could be called garages. Some think sheds are little wooden structures for storing garden tools. We think of these as Garden Sheds. Our Sheds are bigger and more substantial and can be built for a variety of uses. One of the most popular uses for our sheds is as a garage for either storing cars or as a workshop to tinker on them. We can build a garage to meet your needs so that you can fit 2 or 3 vehicles or have enough room to work on the vehicles.

Our garages are watertight, windproof and strong. So your precious vehicles are protected from the elements. The design of our garages includes quality timber and we specify thicker boards meaning that they are stronger and look substantial. We can make our garages to any size, but there are normally Planning restrictions - as a rule of thumb, depending on a few factors you can have a 36m square footprint and the building can be up to 4m tall.

The basis of our Garages are the large timber posts that are concreted into the ground which gives the structure a firm and rigid frame. We lay a concrete floor and then the rest of the frame is constructed and the end result is a really strong building. Trusses are used for the roof and metal box section is laid on top. Transparent sections can be ordered to let more light in.

The walls are clad with vertical timber - wide boards and strips to cover the gaps.Door openings can be at the end or the side of the building. You can specify a door or a roller shutter and even have more than one opening.

Once the Garage is made we can easily add to the building - things like log sheds or car ports.

We also have a host of extras available - doors, windows, painting, solar panels or furniture.

Good reward - not only is a garage a useful thing to have but adding a garage to a property can according to a Halifax Insurance study add reat value to your home. Spending as little as £15,000 on a garage can boost the value of a home by 20 per cent.

  • Wooden garages
  • single, 2 bay, 3 bay timber garage construction

A complete garage build

The professionalism, attention to detail and genuine commitment to providing clients
with what they want has earned us a reputation we are extremely proud of.
We'd love to show you some of the garages that we have already built,
we have happy customers who are happy to show you around!
We can travel across the country - typically garage builds are completed within 3-4 weeks.

Quality timber buildings