Pony, sheep, lambing - move the field shelter to clean ground

Living in a rural community and aware of the needs of local Farmers, Small holders and Horse lovers we noticed many tired looking Field shelters around and about. Often they are fixed in place and the ground very well worn around them – in the winter turning to wet muddy earth.

The Shed Company has designed a Mobile Field Shelter that can be moved around a field or paddock. Although relatively heavy because of the quality treated timber a tractor or 4x4 should be able to move and relocate the shelter.

field horse shelter built on site moveable field shelter

The base is the key – heavy duty timbers create a chassis. We bolt them together and add brackets for extra rigidity. The timbers are treated so will be long lasting – the ends are angled to help the towing. The standard size is 12ft by 10ft (3m by 3.6m) as it is easier to tow a rectangle than a square field shelter. The towing side has two heavy duty eyes bolted through ready to be used to attach a strop.

The shelter is then built like one of our sheds using quality treated timbers. Three sides are completely 'framed' using c16 3x2 . The fourth side has a 6ft entrance which can be ‘gated’ if needed, to create a mobile stable for horses or ponies. The frame is then clad vertically in 19mm treated larch boards and then overlaid with 75mm lengths to cover the gaps. The field shelter looks great, will weather in and will need no further painting or coating. So rather than looking tired over time they start to change into a natural looking finish.

For the roof of the shelters we use treated beams and purlins as a basis for box section steel roofing sheets with a slope from one side to the other. These are coated in plasticol again with longevity in mind. They are securely fixed and there is more worries about the wind getting in underneath. The top of the field shelter is finished with horizontal larch boards.

Our mobile shelters can be used for any type of livestock in a field. The can be used just as a place for sheep to shelter from the elements, or to be kept if they need to be seen by a vet or a sheep shearer! We have also adapted the shelters for ponies and horses. Many horse owners don't necessarily have their own stables so a mobile stable may be the answer. The interior of the horse shelter is lined with 12mm OSB boards to protect the cladding from an energetic horse kick!

tow shed with belt or chain

So whatever your needs – whether for sheep or horses our mobile shelters could be the answer! We build the field shelters on site and we can adapt the design if needed.

  • Standard field shelter size is 12ft by 10ft - 3m by 3.6m
  • 6ft entrance - can be gated if required
  • Metal box profile roof
  • Towable animal shelter
  • Kick lined
  • Mobile stable for horses or ponies
  • Field shelter for all animals
  • Strong framed relocatable field shelter
  • Thick treated timber - A complete build service

Built on site - 3 day construction

  • Bespoke solutions available

Wooden mobile field shelter - complete project - on site construction.
Price £3,000

*Subject to location / delivery charge if beyond 50 mile radius - available nationwide

  • Built on site - thick timber. A complete build service
  • 3m by 3.6m - 12ft by 10ft strong mobile wooden animal shelter - 2.4 m high.
  • Danish lapping timber
  • Metal box profile roof

Wooden moveable animal field shelter - build 3 days on site.

pony shelter Moving sheep shed shelter timber animal shelter
sledge foot sliding field shelter

Contact us to arrange a site build date for your timber field shelter.

Stabling, loose boxes, shelters and timber barns for your animals require considerable thought - contact us to discuss your requirements.

Built to last

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Sheds are built to last. We only use high quality materials and we
would expect them to last for many years.

The Sheds are guaranteed against structural and design defects.
(This does not cover acts of vandalism, misuse or exceptional natural events)

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