Once you have your new shed you will probably want to get some power to it. Your shed maybe close to an electricity supply that can used to connect to your mains supply. However your shed maybe too far away to make it uneconomical to connect it to the mains, or you may wish to try some new technology.

The main alternative to mains electricity is to install solar panels. We find that many people like the idea but are put off by the technological terms used. Our suppliers try and use plain English and here is our quick guide to Solar Power.

During daylight hours the solar panels convert light energy into electricity. The more panels the more power you have available. The wiring is the same that you find in your house. The principle is fantastic - however when the light fades the power goes off.

If you want electricity during dark hours then the next step would be to install Batteries to store the electricity generated until it is needed. The choice of batteries determines the amount that can be stored. Ideally you need to know what tools you want to use and how many lights and then work backwards to determine the system configuration.

Solar panels lend themselves to sheds - they can fit onto the roof and power the shed below!

With technological advances moving quickly , Electric Vehicles will be a common sight on our roads. With bigger ranges and shorter charging times Electric Cars are becoming more popular and a feasible alternative to fuelled cars. With this in mind we can build purpose built Car Ports for Electric Vehicles. Protecting your car from the elements with a strong wooden frame and roof , our car port can also house solar panels and the equipment to convert the energy and store it. Over night the car can be re-charged from the batteries - a clever way of harnessing your free energy.

Hydro systems

We are also really excited about advancements in Hydro power - a little bit formative at the moment, but a technology that will offer much in the future. The idea is that turbines placed in flowing water will generate electricity - simple! In remote areas and places of limited sunshine this technology will offer an attractive alternative. This Canadian Company has some great products River turbine technology

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