Biomass Boiler Shed

Our shed installations are ideal for housing Biomass Boilers.

Having made the decision to convert to Biomass, whether chips, pellets or logs the decisions do not stop there! You may be lucky enough to have an existing building to convert into a Boiler House, but many people don't have that option and have to find an alternative solution.

There are various factors to consider in this decision. You will want to have the boiler close to the house both to save a long walk when it needs attention and also to avoid the cost of pipework. Therefore the Biomass Boiler House will need to look aesthetically pleasing and fit with the architecture of the surrounding buildings.

Biomass boilers are an expensive bit of equipment and will need to be in a secure environment. The housing will need to be weather proof to protect both the boiler and the wood or pellets.

Depending on the size of your boiler, we can build a suitable shed to meet your needs. We lay a concrete base and a strong timber frame. We then erect a pitched roof and line the walls in a Danish Lapping finish. Doors and windows can be added to suit, including a roller shutter if deliveries of fuel are needed. Indeed some hoppers have a 'blown delivery' via a tube into the building and pellets can be automatically fed into the boiler. Flues can be positioned through the roof as needed.

Our sheds come in a timber finish, but others are available such as larch. The timber finish can be painted to blend into its surroundings. The roof is normally metal box section in green, but again this can be changed.

The whole shed can be layered inside with insulation if you want to keep the heat in!

We build a frame on a concrete base and can tailor the size and look to suit your needs!

  • Windows and roller shutter doors
  • Side walls
  • Bespoke storage furniture
  • IP CCTV security systems

Built to last!

The professionalism, attention to detail and genuine commitment to providing clients with
what they want has earned us a reputation we are extremely proud of.

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